BGI is excited to introduce our new Pangaea Technology

BGI is excited to introduce our New

The first tile specifically designed for use with Cinema Cameras

  • Industry best performance
  • Unmatched 1:6 Multiplex – scan roll reduction
  • Accurate color-space options
  • Full 175° off-axis viewing – with our 4in1 Pixel Package


Designed for the Digital Cinema Camera – the +2.3 has nearly eliminated the scan roll

  • 1:6 IC to Pixel ratio. No other manufacturer can claim this!
  • Scan Rolls are nearly eliminated
  • The benefits are huge – more in-camera, less with VFX

Activate the Color Space you Need

The LED TILES comes calibrated for HDR. Just select the Color Space desired and LED and cameras match . . . instantly!

  • REC709
  • DCI-P3
  • Just shy of REC2020


4 in 1 Pixel Package holds colors past 175° The unique properties of the new pixel allows for unprecedented color hold in extreme angles.


Industry leading load-in time

  • Save hours during load-in with fast efficient installation
  • Built in curving with +5°, +2.5°, 0°, -2.5°, -5°
  • The fastest build up for volumes

The +line up of LED products will soon include

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