BGI News

Access Hollywood

June 2017

Once again, Access Hollywood is updating a portion of their already amazing-looking set by exchanging 16 of their Christie 55” Ultra Slim Bezel monitors with the incredible 1.8mm Desay LED screen.ds.

The Move

May 2016

Background Images is finally moved into its new location. We have settled into our new digs! After the sale of our production truck line, we were able to move a few miles away to a building with better resources for our needs.

Camp Digital acquires mobile production units

March 2015

Nashville, TN / Los Angeles, CA -  Entertainment production company Camp Digital has expanded its mobile production truck resources with the acquisition of two production trucks.

Stimulated, inc. and Background Images join forces

May 2014

This Venezuelan epic was conducted by music director, Gustavo Dudamel, and included a mix of music, spoken words and widescreen film projection.

The background Images team consists of industry veterans from both sides of the globe, bringing world class skills and ideas to your table.

" I am in better hands with you and your team. Awesome (in Spanish arrechisimoooo!!!!!)"

- Alberto Hadyar, Visual Effects Supervisor,