The Move

May 2016

Background Images is finally moved into its new location. We have settled into our new digs! After the sale of our production truck line, we were able to move a few miles away to a building with better resources for our needs. We are currently wrapping up our company-wide inventory and will have much better control of our equipment and QC processes. 


New equipment

With the new surge at BGI to increase our inventory, we are very proud to announce the latest purchases available for rental:


•  Christie Spyder multi-format switcher

•  Christie 55” Ultra Slim Bezel Monitors

•  Sony 4k LCOS Projectors (18,000 Lumens)

•  15k and 10k HD LCD Projectors

•  4k LCD Monitors – various sizes

•  4k and 1080p LED Wall Processing Packages

•  46” Ultra Slim Bezel Monitor – ready for 24fps!!

•  Wireless Microphone FOH rack

•  Compact HDSDI Flypack – ready for cameras and playback






Background Images has gone 4k!!

For the last year, we have been providing 4k Projection with our fleet of Sony SRX projectors and monitors. Wheel of Fortune and Jurassic World have both taken advantage of the technology and improved image quality. For Jurassic World’s control room, 3 of the Sony SRX T615 projectors were used to create the ultra wide display that kept real time positioning of all the dinosaurs. How important was the 4k resolution? During the shoot test, we compared a 1080p image at the same size as a 4k image. These pictures show the same size image next to each other, and the benefit of having 4x the pixel count. By the time the very small text and dinosaur locations were up on the screen, 4k was the only way to go.




Headin’ West . . .

BGI is incredibly proud to be the projection and playback specialist chosen to work on the upcoming HBO series “WestWorld”. This is based on the 1973 film of the same name that starred Yul Brynner. We can’t say anything about it now – but just you wait! I don’t know if this technology has ever been done in any other show – or for that matter – at all! Git up, doggie!


The background Images team consists of industry veterans from both sides of the globe, bringing world class skills and ideas to your table.

" I am in better hands with you and your team. Awesome (in Spanish arrechisimoooo!!!!!)"

- Alberto Hadyar, Visual Effects Supervisor,